Saturday, November 27, 2021

Letter to the Editor: To Residents and Property Owners of Marco Island



To Residents and Property Owners of Marco Island

Last Friday night I and my family attended a wonderful affair at the Marriott Marco Beach Hotel celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Marco Island. The hosts and speakers at the event went overboard honoring the role of The Mackle Brothers and Deltona Corporation in the founding of modern Marco Island.

The MackIe Brothers (my father and uncles) would have been very pleased. I was overwhelmed.

Several weeks before the event, I was asked to speak but declined due to poor health. After it was over I greatly regretted that. Nevertheless, when asked, I did outline what I would say if I was well enough. I won’t go into all that I would have said here. But I will share the concluding remarks:

The Mackle Brothers role in the development and stewardship of Marco Island came to an end in the late seventies or early eighties. From that point forward other builders as well as the residents of Marco took over. And in 1997 a city was formed and the voters on Marco Island officially assumed the responsibility.

I am here tonight with my six children and their spouses as well as my thirteen grandchildren. As I show them the Marco Island of 2015 we are amazed at the growth that has come since the Mackles left. We are equally amazed at the refinements that have occurred over the years. Marco has truly become a World Class Community.

As the founder of fifteen cities in Florida, my father often said, “A developer can only do so much. The way a community grows and matures depends on the residents of that community.”

I want to close by saying:

On behalf of the Mackle brothers, on behalf of myself and the entire Mackle family… Thank you for making their dream come true!


Frank Mackle III, President, The Mackle Company, 6800 SW 40th Street, #440, Miami, Florida 33155, 305-592-6144 Fax: 305-397-2142


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