Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Letter to the Editor: Thomas W. Carter



To: City of Marco Island Council Members,

It is with great discord that again, we are writing a letter to you on an issue we thought you put to rest via a vote by the majority of members during the March board meeting.  We can’t help to note that your timing to “reconsider” is being held at a time when most of the Condominium/HOA members have left the island for the summer months, making it impossible for us to once again fill your board room.

Our position remains the same. The Seabreeze Condominium Board of Directors and unit owners are strongly opposed to the proposed rental ordinance that seeks to regulate condominiums on Marco Island. Our condominium, first established in 1967 as one of the original rental properties on the island, has approved documents that are in compliance with all state and local bylaws. These documents, and our rules and regulations, clearly define the systems in place to address issues pertaining to health and safety, unit occupancy, noise and disorderly conduct, parking, and tenant, vehicle and even bicycle registration. All of these matters are now very competently enforced by a volunteer Board of Directors that should not be required to take on additional responsibilities resulting from passage of a new, cumbersome ordinance originally intended to alleviate problems arising from short term rental of homes in residential neighborhoods.  This is clearly government overreach.

The problem is not with condominium rentals. Condominiums are an economic lifeline to this community and should be valued as such.

Again, we respectfully ask you to support us by excluding all condominium associations from this proposed ordinance once and for all.  The voice of the condominium owners and Boards should be heard!


Thomas W. Carter
President, BOD
Sea Breeze Apartments Condominium, Inc.
240 N. Collier Blvd.

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