Sunday, November 28, 2021

Letter to the Editor: The Marriott – Scott Shigley



It might be time to take a deep breath and consider what can be done if the PUD amendment the Marriott is asking for is denied. From what I have read and heard if the amendment is turned down the following things can still take place without any further consideration from the city council:

The Marriott can add the additional rooms they want
The Marriott can add extra meeting space
The Marriott can add extra parking
The Marriott can add elevated stadium type lighting on the tennis courts

The following things that the Marriott has offered to do if the amendment is approved will not have to be done:

Landscaping of the parking lot area above and beyond what is required by city code
Elimination of the stadium type lights for the tennis courts
The Marriott will not have to contribute to any additional landscaping on city property

Additionally, if the proposed amendment is not passed the new structure will be 11 feet shorter than the two existing towers. How that visual oddity benefits the residents of this island I’m not sure.

Change happens. New people will come to our island much as we all did at one time. More guest rooms are coming. More parking is coming. The 2001 PUD allows it. If you want stadium lights along Collier Boulevard, if you want the bare minimum in landscaping along the Marriott parking area then by all means oppose the proposed amendment. Just remember you had a chance to improve upon what was already allowed, but decided you opposed any change.

I support the proposed amendment. I hope the city council and all reasonable citizens will allow the council to hear the proposed amendment and let it move forward after appropriate public comment.

Scott Shigley
Marco Island

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