Monday, January 24, 2022

Letter to the Editor: Thank you, Samantha Malloy!

Samantha Malloy performs her duties as Marco Island’s Manager of Parks, Culture, and Recreation with professionalism, dedication, and a passion to provide programs and activities that enrich our quality of life on this island. She cares deeply about this community and our best interests and about doing the right thing – for all of us.

Samantha works hard to find ways to accommodate diverse purposes, but sometimes she has to make decisions and take actions that don’t please everyone. For example, the recently publicized differences of opinion with a member of the sailing club. She didn’t decide someone had done something wrong. She reported a situation to the rightful authorities and they decided further action was necessary. Perhaps someone should pull the arrest report and see what really happened. Samantha took action to protect the city and our tax dollars from liability. But instead of being thanked and supported, she has been criticized and even falsely accused of targeting a citizen for personal revenge. That is shocking and disgraceful.

I, for one, applaud Samantha’s ethical handling of the situation and thank her for her service to and stewardship of our community. I hope others, including our city leadership, will do the same.

Amia Curry

Marco Island

One response to “Letter to the Editor: Thank you, Samantha Malloy!”

  1. Rebecca Hodge Snyder says:

    At this time I would add to this how I met Samantha Malloy. Samantha heard from her daughter that one of her classmates was in foster care. Samantha reached out to me about getting the girls together. She set up more play dates than I can count for our little Marco visitor. She and her family made a scared little girl from North Fort Myers feel like part of the community and their family. That little girl was reunited with her mom in June. Now we have another little girl and you guessed it – Samantha and her family have reached out again to help this little girl feel welcome.

    Samantha is a caring kind person that works hard and cares about this community.

    Rebecca Hodge Snyder

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