Saturday, November 27, 2021

Letter to the Editor: Tarik N Ayasun



Letter to the Editor


“The Board of Directors, Administration, staff and students of Marco Island Charter Middle School congratulates Marco Island Academy and Ms. Jane Watt for their successful purchase of the land which they have been leasing since the opening of their school. We also thank Bill and Karen Young who kindly lent the funds which made the purchase possible. Success of a public Charter High School will benefit all the students and citizens of Marco Island in particular and Collier County in general.

We now anxiously await the District School Board’s final sale of Tract-K to the Marco Eagle Sanctuary Foundation which will use it as a passive park to preserve the environmental integrity of it as a bald eagle nesting sanctuary. The proceeds from this sale minus closing costs will be distributed in accordance with the Settlement Agreement and Release which was entered between the Deltona Corporation and the School Board of Collier County, Florida and filed on January 3, 1990. This agreement provided that “if Tract-K is sold to a third party the proceeds of such sale shall be applied by the School Board for the benefit of the public school student populace of Marco Island and Marco Shores or both, in schools where they attend on Marco Island, Marco Shores or elsewhere in Collier County.

As a result of this sale, ALL Collier County Public Schools where Marco Island and Marco Shores resident children attend will get a prorated share of the proceeds according to formula worked out between the parties to the contract. This is great news for those Collier County public schools where our children attend and it is indeed great news for Marco Island Charter Middle School and Marco Island Academy who will be sharing a substantial part of the proceeds from the sale.”

Tarik N Ayasun

President , Board of Directors

Marco Island Charter Middle School



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