Saturday, November 27, 2021

Letter to the Editor: Talk About REAL Hypocrisy!



Talk About REAL Hypocrisy!

Apparently, Larry Honig’s plan to elect his slate of four to take over the city is in jeopardy, and he has resorted to telling lies about me.

Mr. Honig incorrectly stated that at a 2015 Council Meeting, as PRAC chair, I spoke about how I would configure a $7.5 million government building.  Absolutely false.  I will not configure anything.  I stated that after several months of PRAC Review of the Veterans’ Community Park, $30 million Master Plan (that included several buildings), the committee opined that the community would be better served with a revision of the Plan to include only one building.  Such a revision, along with parking improvements, would increase green-space and decrease taxpayer cost.

I suggested that one building could contain restrooms and meeting rooms that could be used as “multipurpose rooms for community use.”  I very clearly stated that that there were NO specific plans in place and that PRAC was actively seeking community input to learn what amenities the citizens desired in a revision plan.  There was no mention that this building would be used as a “government building.”  I always said that the final decisions were up to the citizens and council.

Mr. Honig states the $250,000 amount PRAC asked council to budget was suspicious. Another lie.  There was nothing suspicious about this figure.  It was the amount that PRAC, after much deliberation, decided upon without any outside influence.

Mr. Honig states that “a developer did indeed put forward a plan-on which the city spent thousand of dollars, and met in secret with city officials.” True, the thousands of dollars spent were spent for the original design of the 2009 Master Plan that Council approved. False, there were no secret backroom deals.  There was a committee of 18 well-known community members who worked diligently for two years seeking public input for this plan.

In a recent Letter to the Editor, I clearly stated that “Veterans’ Community Park is NOT in jeopardy” because PRAC IS moving forward with an updated Master Plan revision.  The Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee worked long and hard to bring forth solid plans for Veterans’ Community Park in accordance with the citizen’s wishes.  No developer or City employee has changed the Committee’s plans in any way.  PRAC brought the Mackle Park renovation project responsibly forward, and will do the same for Veterans’ Community Park.

Mr. Honig states that no one else is campaigning more aggressively on the park than Jerry Swiacki. Comically false.   Most everyone in the slate of four talks about saving the Park.  In fact, one candidate has a large “SAVE OUR PARK” campaign sign on his car! It is his sole campaign issue.  After dedicating four years serving on the Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee, it has become necessary as part of my campaign, to save the Park from alarmists who make false statements about the Park as a means to seek election.

I campaign with honesty and integrity.  I returned my campaign donation to the hotel representatives. Can Mr. Honig or other members of his slate say the same? Perhaps Mr. Honig, the marketing consultant, has a spin for that too.

Mr. Honig’s recent Letter to the Editor is entitled “Hypocrisy at the Park.” Really? Look at who is talking.   Because Mr. Honig’s backyard faces the Park, could it be his interests are self interests rather than citizen interests?  His numerous false statements should remind everyone of his tantrums and outbursts at City Council meetings. Won’t we all be glad when it is November 9?

Dr. Jerry Swiacki

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