Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Letter to the Editor: Support for the Marriott



Support for the Marriott

“How can we help”

Dear Editor,

The owners of the Marco Island Marriott would like to spend $150,000,000.00 in our community to improve their property—our response should be “How can we help”.

The Marriott is already the largest employer on Marco Island, their expansion will help create even more local jobs—”How can we help”

A Marriott expansion will increase revenues in the form of increased impact fees, increased property tax revenue, and increased bed tax (for improved beaches & museums)—”How can we help”

The Marriott (formerly the Marco Beach Resort) has always been the anchor of the development of Marco, and an anchor of our business community—”How can we help”

Marco Island is, and always will be, a very desirable resort destination, nothing will change that. With the proposed improvements to the Marriott they will emerge as a JW Marriott, helping make Marco one of the most exclusive & elegant resort destinations IN THE WORLD, and improving all property values—”How can we help”

The Marriott is a good neighbor, always supporting community events and organizations. They have demonstrated their desire to help us—”How can we help”

I encourage the Marco Island City Council to follow the lead of their hand- selected Planning Board and give the Marriott the approval for their proposed improvements. I would further encourage Council to re-visit the proposed parking platform on the east side of Collier.

Help the Marriott—Don’t handcuff the Marriott
Help make Marco Island the Jewel of the Gulf

Respectfully submitted,

Bruce Gear
Full-time resident Marco Island, FL

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