Thursday, October 21, 2021

Letter to the Editor: Soapfest Charity Weekend



A10-CBN-07-08-16-1To all of you who volunteer at “Soapfest”, I’d like to say, “Thanks”. Year after year, my roommate, Frankie Bianca and I travel to Marco Island for a weekend of outstanding events. It’s the hightlight of our year! You see, we’re two of the special needs kids who begin the weekend on

Saturday morning, painting with the stars.  It’s so much fun, sitting at a table with one of the “soap stars” and painting a picture with them.

They are terrific people; can you imagine they travel from Los Angeles or New York just to be with us. I think they like us and all the other kids who paint on Saturday morning.  Some of the kids come every



year, so it’s like a reunion for us.

For Frankie and I, attending “A Night of Stars” on Saturday night is an annual event that keeps us smiling all year. We visited with Melissa  Archer from Days of our Lives, five other stars from the Young and the Restless, four others from General Hospital and Tom Pelphry from Guilding

Light. They may be the celebrities, but we’re the ones who are shining all weekend.

A10-CBN-07-08-16-2We attended the “Cruisin’ Boozin’ & Schmoozin” event for the first time. It was held on the Marco Island Princess yacht – what a time we had. Can you imagine sailing away from Marco Island on a huge yacht filled with soap stars, soap fans



and all those happy volunteers.  We love Pat Berry, she’s the one who makes all this happen and so, we presented her with a dozen red roses at “A Night of Stars” to show our appreciation.

We said our goodbyes to everyone at the “Celebrity Karaoke Bar Bash” held at Chad’s Martini Bar on Sunday night. I danced ‘til I dropped; you Marco ladies sure know how to have fun! If we missed dancing with anyone, we’ll see you next year – don’t miss it.

My Mom tells us every year how important the weekend is to many programs for special kids; like Camp Able, St. Mark’s Episcopal’s summer camp for special needs children and the Island Theatre Company Kids Program, among others.  Thanks everyone for your generosity.

Troy Porter

Cape Coral, Florida

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