Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Letter to the Editor: Siegfried and Bonnie Speder



Are condominium owners of Marco Island a problem to this community or not? Answer. They are not. Why? Because as local responsible members of our community we live by our Rules and By Laws of our Association. Our condo rules are enforced and carry a fine if violated. Our condo already receives an annual fire inspection and required building codes. Adding your ordinance would be a duplication and add fees. Why do city councilors think that their rules will be better than our rules? They will not improve anything or solve any problems, because there are no problems to solve. Why not address only the single family homes and weekly rentals that are a problem to the city and neighbors of those homes? Are you blanketing the 10,000 condos where problems don’t exist just so you can collect extra fees and possible fines? Please do no solve problems where there are none. It will only add to our expenses for no good reason. Let us condo owners at least opt out without any cost or any other bureaucratic process.

Our next vote for city councilors will certainly reflect on your vote on this issue.

Thank you,

Siegfried and Bonnie Speder

Full voting residents residing at Admiralty House, 140 Seaview Ct 404S. We also own a condo at Island Manor, 87 N Collier Blvd 06, which we rent out seasonally.

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