Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Letter to the Editor: Shigley’s

Dearest Friends, Family, & Community Members,

 My family is so grateful for the overwhelming support we received at the Fight4Jada Cancer Fundraiser at CJ’s on the Bay last Sunday, August 16th.  It was so wonderful to see so many of you there and I thank you for allowing me the opportunity to share my story for the first time publicly.  I was worried about that, but I think it really went well!

 There are so many people to thank and I am busy now and will continue to spend the weeks to come smiling as I write thank you notes to all.

 The thing is, it’s going to take me a while J  and I didn’t want to leave anyone out!  So many of you have been there for us throughout the last 7 months and in so many ways.  Your support has helped us get through one of the toughest times our family has ever faced and for that, we can’t thank you enough.  We are so lucky to have the love and support we do and we appreciate it more than you know. 

 My story is not over and I promise to do my vest best to make it a happy one in the end!

 Big hugs to each of you from the Shigley’s


Jada, Scott, & Jax


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