Saturday, November 27, 2021

Letter to the Editor: Sherri Wolfe



To the Editor:

The City of Marco island voters need to vote for candidate Victor Rios. Mr. Rios is a very dedicated person whom I have known and worked with for several years. He is very honest and ethical and always fulfills his promises. He wants for Marco Island to continue being the “piece of Paradise that I and all other residents of Marco Island moved here for.

For years he has volunteered to make sure that our beaches and wildlife are taken care of.  He believes in a balanced approach to Marco Island’s growth. I know he will serve all residents equally.

He is very aware that the taxes we pay is our money, not the city’s money or the City Councilors’ money. He is a person with very strong fiscal and management skills and experience.  He will be a good steward of our finances.

Mr. Rios has the ability to work with others and is skillful at negotiating to achieve objectives to benefit us all.

I urge all Marco island residents to vote for Mr. Victor Rios.


Sherri Wolfe
969 Birch Ct

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