Friday, October 15, 2021

Letter to the Editor: Roy Eaton

Dear Senator Rubio,

I have written you on two occasions to provide input on the current economic crises that confronts my fellow Americans, and I have provided some recommendations to address our escalating national debt. And, I appreciate your taking time in the past to address my concerns.

Thru the sixties, I was, like most college students of the era, a Democrat. In the seventies and early eighties, I held a minor elected position in my home town as a Republican. Now, I am an independent, frustrated American who believes that our country is on a course of self-destruction. We either must make difficult decisions that will correct our current route and eliminate our deficits and reduce our national debt, or we will default, issue a new currency, or face hyper inflation; the latter being the most likely to occur first.

When I last wrote, I sent a three page comprehensive list of proposals for your consideration that touched on nearly every major issue that must be addressed by Congress. Because I assume you were serious about receiving additional input as you stated in your return correspondence, I have enclosed an articJe that I wrote last year for the local paper titled, The Catalyst That Could Bring The Next Great Depression for your viewing. Not one economist has mentioned or addressed the existence of interest rate cycles and the consequences of the next upward cycle and the effect it could and most likely will have on our economy if we fail to rein in expenditures.

I love my country and write not for personal gain or attention for I have lived a full and productive life. I write to offer assistance to those who have a voice that can influence others, enact change, and alter the misguided path that your predecessors from both parties have chosen for our nation and the American people. I write you, because I believe that youthful representatives like yourself have the ability to take charge, address our concerns, redefine national and Congressional objectives, take corrective action, and brighten what many believe to be a dismal future for America.

Senator Marco Rubio, you are rational and intelligent, and idealistic and energetic. And, you have the ability, courage, and determination to encourage both parties to work for a common goal: an objective that is in the best interests of America and the American people. If you and your closest collogues demand that our representatives in Congress speak for their constituents rather than for special interests and lobbyists, that they work as a unified legislative body to introduce and pass legislation that is fair and just and serves the best interest of our nation and her people, you will strengthen our economy and our boarders, reunite the American people, and strengthen our resolve as a nation. In doing so, America may very well regain the respect of the nations that have questioned our judgment and resolution, and you will help our country regain her status as the most successful and respected nation on our planet.

I thank you for your efforts on behalf of your constituents and on behalf of all our fellow Americans who look to you for leadership that will improve our quality of life and restore our faith in the political process and in those that we elect to serve.

Thank you for taking time to review this correspondence and attachment.

Roy Eaton

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