Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Letter to the Editor: Rod Thole



It’s a Matter of Trust.

With the outbreak of emails, and letters again being sent to Marco Island City Councilors, on “reconsideration” of the rental ordinance, it becomes abundantly clear that the Council is again breaking trust with the electorate.

The matter of exempting condominiums was debated over many months. Deliberations occurred with considerable input of the citizenry. Condominium owners wrote letters and emails, they appeared at City Council meetings to plead their case, and they met with individual Councilors to explain why including condominiums was poor public policy.

Now all of that citizen involvement and input, and the decision by Council to exempt condominiums, are to be cast aside in favor of continuing a repetitive debate at a time when many condominium owners have traveled north to enjoy their summer among family and friends. Conducting “reconsideration” at a time when those most impacted by the ordinance cannot be heard, smacks of “smoke filled back room dealings, political maneuvering, and a lack of transparency in governmental decision-making.” This behavior is a major breach of the public trust.

The Councilors encouraging this shameful display of political arrogance should be called to account for manipulating the legislative process in a dictatorial manner to achieve their own ends without public input. Their actions are visible evidence of intent to deceive, intent to ignore evidence presented, and intent to break promises made. Our elected representatives are arrogantly ignoring the wishes of those who elected them.

Marco Island citizens deserve better!


Rod Thole

Marco Island

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