Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Letter to the Editor: Robert Russo




I write to you to in the hopes that you can cease the frequent and continuing harassment of Councilor Rios by some members the council especially by Mr. Honecker.  Does Mr. Honecker have an outside agenda with Mr Rios that he is bringing to the council. His frequent looking at the ceiling and loud and obvious exhale of breath because Mr Rios is asking for more information are so insulting..Let us get things straight Mr. Honecker you have been a disappointment for the people of Marco Island you are not following what they have asked you to do but do only what you want.

Instead of asking of asking how many meetings Mr Rios has had with City Manager. How many meetings have you had with the people of Marco Island who you represent, which I deem as much  important. Mr. Sacher started this last year and gave the citizens a chance to voice their ideas in an open forum.What a great idea.! We are only allowed 4 during a council meeting  for an explanation of an issue and no response.


robert russo


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