Friday, October 22, 2021

Letter to the Editor: Robert McNally

Friends, can’t we get to a little straightening up and cleaning up of our nation’s house? Can’t we pretend that “company is coming” and spruce up somewhat? Do we really want ourselves and others seeing our national home so careless that:

• one third of America’s children live in poverty?

• our educational system ranks 31st in math & 23rd in science in the world of industrial and developing nations?

• our present medical delivery system is the costliest in world?

• our best scientific brains inform us of ecological facts that are denied by many as evil distortions?

• our foreign relations policies are frequently portrayed by some as the “shootout at the OK Corral”?

• almost half our population (47%) is portrayed as weak and lazy? Yet many work hard, pay taxes, and serve in all our armed forces.

• embarrassingly, many state governments are gimmicking in contorted ways to prevent and discourage other fellow citizens from voting?

• our social programs to the needy, elderly, and young have been described as charity which implies no moral obligation?

• programs we have worked for and paid into are called “entitlements,” carrying the connotation that we are selfishly asking for something for nothing?

Where has the American attitude of “roll up your sleeves and get the job done” gone? The two ingredients of getting any job done are a “willingness” and the “means.” We have the means but have been lacking the will. We can get this back if the argument “it is too costly” is placed in its proper perspective. We are better than this. Perhaps we could improve the presidential dialogue to the point where it will not play upon our prejudices and our darker sides.


Bob McNally

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