Monday, December 6, 2021

Letter to the Editor: Response to Tarik Ayasun’s article in the Nov. 10 edition of Coastal Breeze News.



Mr. Tarik Ayasun complaints in his opinion piece of November 10 that “those who live outside of the borders of this great county develop their opinions based on false and one sided information solely on ‘reporting’ done by probably the most biased and intellectually corrupt, deplorable press corps ever assembled in the history of this country.” (Have you done historical research on this? Or is it just your personal biased opinion?)

Most countries around the world, particularly in Europe, observe the presidential election in the USA very attentively. Be assured, Mr. Ayasun, that they base their interpretations and evaluations of the candidates not on the reporting of the American press. Most of them have their correspondents permanently staying in the USA and reporting quite independently of the American press. The German magazine Spiegel, e.g., has increased its team of correspondents already nine months ago, with their own newsdesk in Washington, who watch and report around the clock. If those foreign correspondents arrive at similar conclusions as the American media, are they also biased??

The world has always regarded America as the oldest and most perfect democracy. Apparently, American democracy is not as robust as we thought. That’s not what the press says but what Donald Trump tells the world when he claims that the election is rigged.

Dr. Hans G. Skitter
Marco Island

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