Thursday, October 28, 2021

Letter to the Editor: Response To NDN Editorial

The Naples Editorial Board again takes the County position despite the facts.

Home rule is a principle to embrace, Collier County’s control of Marco Island ambulance service is not.

It is not responsive government when the County medical director removes vital life-saving medications from Marco units and ignores our complaints.

The Editorial Board neglected to mention the Blue Ribbon Committee recommended transitioning County EMS personnel into the Fire Districts, and the majority of unincorporated Collier County residents voted to support turning Collier County EMS over to an independent taxing district.

Asserting that a City tax of $2 a week leads to big government is ridiculous. An independent “enterprise fund” will be separate from the City budget. Citizens can monitor the effectiveness and efficiency of their ambulance service. There is no accountability for Marco tax dollars in Collier County as it is lumped into general funds.

The County reluctantly agreed to give Marco a second fulltime ambulance to be paid by the City. Does the County fear losing revenue when transport fees are paid to Marco Island if it receives its own COPCN? Should Marco citizens pay for ambulance services not rendered by the County?

Closest unit response protocol has been established by an Inter-local agreement in which Collier County and Marco Island will work TOGETHER to provide the best emergency medical service for EVERYONE.

Be advised, the selection of a medical director and management of the fire/rescue service will be by professionals, NOT politicians.

Vote “YES” Marco Island. This is Marco’s opportunity to guide and control its own destiny.

Michael Levine

Marco Island

One response to “Letter to the Editor: Response To NDN Editorial”

  1. Michael Levine says:

    When one peels away the politics a simple fact remains. According to CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention statistics, approximately 610,000 people die each year in the United States from Heart Attacks. That is 1 out of every 4 deaths in the U.S. Applying that number to an hourly rate, approximately 69 people die each hour or more than 1 person succumbs to a heart attack every minute. How many lives could have been saved if an ambulance with proper medication was more readily available for each of those people? We may never know the answer to that, nor do I wish to be one who personally finds out. Therefore I am voting YES.

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