Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Letter to the Editor: Response to Candidates LTE



Trying to respond to all negative remarks about City Council and the decisions they’ve made can never be accomplished in one letter to the editor. I will attempt to do so by keeping it brief and to the point.

  • To criticize the City Council as a body, when they are independently making a decision, is unjustified. Discussion of items on the agenda at council meetings (in the sunshine) and their decisions should be based solely on facts.
  • City Council has made many decision over the past four years which has improved the quality of life on the island and its financial stability.
  • Increases in Ad-Valorem Taxes to fund our Reserves for Asset Replacement to fund the Bucket list has been agreed to by a Super Majority of City Council.
  • With the exception of Smokehouse Bay Bridge, the City has stopped bonding to cover cost of new projects and now pays for it on a cash basis.
  • The other side of the Jolly Bridge is a County problem; my concerns are with the City of Marco Island. It is important to meet with County Commissioners periodically.
  • Condos versus Single Family Homes, is like the Hatfield’s and the McCoy’s. We have so many things in common, we live, shop, pray and play here, but when it comes to changing Utility Rates, lets close the divide.
  • I have never heard of a divide between full time residents and snowbird residents. That is a new one for me.
  • Short term rentals have always been a problem for as long as I’ve lived here and a solution to that problem will be found.


Respectfully submitted,


Amadeo Petricca


Marco Island

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