Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Letter to the Editor: Response on Short Term Rentals



In response to City Council candidate Jared Grifoni’s letter, his remarks regarding short-term rentals are alarming. His solution is to have a “3 year reevaluation.”

For the past 15 years, residents have been trying to get the City to give us a common-sense ordinance to protect residents who live in single-family residential areas. Committees were formed, meetings were held, stall tactics were put into play. The only help residents received is the newly enacted noise ordinance with the help of Ken Honecker.

Residents need two things:  to enforce the noise ordinance not just monitor it, and limit single family homes to a single family, not two, three, four or five families. When 20 to 30 people are in a single family home, noise is the result. I realize the rental companies and renters don’t want ANY regulations. However, Marco residents deserve to be protected from this quality-of-life matter. After reviewing public records, the only candidates that I believe are for enacting and enforcing rental rules are Honecker, Petricca, and Swiacki.

Karen Salvi


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