Tuesday, December 7, 2021

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Repeal Rental Housing Ordinance 15-01



In Response to Councilman Ken  Honecker’s Letter to the Editor

Thank you for so clearly stating the facts regarding the Rental Ordinance. And yes, this divisive issue has torn apart the residents of the Island with people taking sides for the homeowners, condo owners, Chamber of Commerce and the Marco Island Homeowners Group.

Code enforcement, police department, City staff and the City Manager did very little to protect home and condo owners from unruly vacation renters. The police department did not keep adequate records of the violations. The issue surfaced March 2015 at a council meeting when the subject became a major source of frustration and anger. Condo’s did a good job of self regulating but clearly something was missing- nothing was being done about those few party hardy renters who were not cited for noise, trash, or parking problems. No tickets were issued and no records kept of the complaints.

As Councilman Honecker so aptly stated, ‘today, the police department is in total control if code enforcement. The police are issuing warnings followed by tickets to the renters and the owners. The city now has magistrates who are hearing these cases. Our current code enforcement department is functioning and the current ordinances can control the rental issues”.

The City Code as it stands now, without revision, has the teeth to put this issue to rest. We do not need or want another Rental Ordinance, which puts more governmental controls over the Island.

I have had personal experience with a renter next door to my home. The police were called and could not have been more helpful and took care of the issues with the renter and the owner. I could not have asked for more.

I support Councilman Honecker and urge that Ordinance 15-01 “Rental Housing Ordinance” be repealed.

In a more positive note, let everyone reflect again on how fortunate we all are to live on this Island and let us work together in unity to make the right decisions for the well being of the Island citizens.

Litha Berger

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