Saturday, November 27, 2021

Letter to the Editor: Regards Martin Winter



Hi Editors

Just thought that I would tap out a few words on the latest from the good folks on the council at Marco Island.

It appears that we are now looking to force home owners down a new path concerning rentals on the Island
the legislation looks lengthy and I am quite sure will be just the very start of a process to extract additional
revenue from home owners.
Quite frankly this is just another Tax  that I am sure will be misappropriated. I would be interested to see the cases
of noise etc that justify this move.

I strongly oppose this bill. Clearly home owners that rent their property want  to make sure that clients enjoy time on the island
and are respectful of neighbor’s etc Its more likely that noise and drinking issues come from the beach …Whats NEXT
fortify the beach and charge access .

Regards Martin Winter
property owner and Tax payer

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