Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Letter to the Editor: Re: Linda Turner’s Letter 6/2/15



Re: Linda Turner’s Letter 6/2/15

Welcome to Marco Island, Ms. Turner!

I am sure that as a long-term property owner and resident of the Island you are very familiar with the Bundle of Rights of a property owner. One of these rights is “the right of disposition – the titleholder can sell, rent or transfer ownership or use of the propertyat will”. It does not contemplate the imposition of greater and greater restrictions over these rights by any legislative body.

As you may recall, this is the second go around about the right of property owners to rent their property. In 2007-08, City Council appointed a committee to review the “numerous” complaints from property owners about those reprehensible “boarding houses” in their neighborhoods. As it turned out, the actual verifiable and attributable complaints to short-term rentals, while they did exist, were rare. One of the principal complainants was one Ken Honecker, one of the committee members. The conclusion of the majority on the committee was that yes, there are violations and that these can be and must be handled through the proper and timely application of existing Ordinances.

Guess what the three major complaints were Ms. Turner: Noise, parking and garbage receptacles.

Now let us move ahead to today. Mr. Honecker is one of our City Councilors and the same disturbing issues are once again shouted by the “multitude of affected property

owners”. Still without empirical evidence to support their claim of the wide spread alleged abuses.

Ordinances exist to control these three major issues. Ask for their strict enforcement; not further governmental interference with mandated property rights. Many of us are against governmental incursion, at any level, on private property rights. Your passionate appeal for the preservation of the quality of life will not be achieved by the excessive scope of the new Rental Ordinance. It is onerous, invasive, cumbersome, empire building and unnecessary. Only the timely and rigorous response by the competent authority strictly applying existing ordinances to legitimate complaints will resolve the problem.

Let us move on and let us live happily after.


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