Friday, December 3, 2021

Letter to the Editor: Rafael Curquejo



I have been a regular visitor to Marco Island.  In fact my wife and I got married on the Island on 11.11.11   We love the island and are hoping to permanently move there in the next 24 months.

Your new short term rental regulation is a deal breaker for us to invest in Marco. It makes 2nd home ownership harder and in my opinion it affects the marketability of a property. Once you own it makes it tougher by adding certain regulations and expenses to the equation.
I totally understand from other Local Realtors that some landlords may have neglected common sense in screening their tenants. There must be more amicable and democratic solutions to keeping happy visitors coming back and contributing to Marco Islands economy.
I would like to see some more flexibility in the possibility of a short term rental. Furthermore in your directions and demands to speak with an owner within the hour seems very unrealistic. That means that a foreigner living in Europe with 6 hours difference is not welcome as a property owner.
The choice of investing is here and your regulation could have a direct impact how investors see Marco Island. Too strict and you may scare them away! I think there must be other ways to enforce conduct of anyone on the island.

Rafael Curquejo

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