Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Letter to the Editor: Political Agendas

Marco Islanders want and deserve the truth about the Niblock battery allegations. Some claim there is a “cover up.” These people are ignoring the Sheriff’s report, which contains sworn statements, and are instead using hearsay and rumors to fuel this witchhunt. Those who are saying Mr. Honig and Mr. Grifoni should have immediately gone to the police, informed other councilors, or held an emergency meeting clearly don’t understand the situation. The “true story” was laid out very clearly: Mr. Honig learned of the alleged incident on February 2nd, talked to Mr. Niblock, and called the city attorney to report it. Mr. Grifoni heard the same story on February 6th and immediately afterwards informed the City Attorney.

The key factor in this whole incident seems to be conveniently brushed over: The victim asked for privacy and requested that the matter be kept out of the public dialog! Mr. Grifoni was just respecting her wishes! To suggest that action should have been taken contrary to her wishes is really appalling to me as a woman. What is equally disturbing is that the public statements suggesting this are being made by older men who are known to be critical of this current council. How typical.

I guess these people think they know what’s better for the victim than she does. They have the nerve to suggest that she deserves no say in how this matter proceeded. Mr. Grifoni showed her true respect by giving her support and time to decide how she wanted to proceed instead of thrusting her into a tumultuous and difficult situation, in full view of the public.
He let her make the choice!

It is so offensive to see this woman being used as a political pawn by chauvinists who are acting like she’s incapable of making her own decisions. What is almost laughably ironic is the loudest members of the “witch hunt brigade” are the same people who fought to deny her school funding and land for a permanent building.
This is hypocrisy and opportunistic dirty politics at its worst.
People giving credibility to these bullying tactics should be ashamed of themselves.

Jerra Minning

Marco Island

4 responses to “Letter to the Editor: Political Agendas”

  1. Ben Toresco says:

    Council Chair deserves some responsibility in this matter for making conflicting comments on at least two occasions.

  2. R adams says:

    Spoken like a true shill. It was all spin by Grifoni to redirect the issue. It was not his concern of “protecting” the victim but an effort to keep complaint against Niblock from becoming public.
    Protest all you like but the circumstantial evidence speaks for itself.

  3. Hector Fernandez says:

    People do realize that the “facts”, be they what they may be, are taken directly from the POLICE REPORT filed by the Collier County Sherrif’s Dept. and as such are PUBLIC RECORD. So folks can “interpret” the testaments made as they wish. The facts are are as they have been made public.

    The fact any of us have to be visiting this mess as a community and that there is even a suspicion or allegation of somekind of ongoing underground conflict between some nefarious powers… well that speaks volumes about OUR community, and clearly show a failure by our leadership. After all our leaders are entrusted to represent us and are in effect a reflection of us and our community.

    Frankly the whole thing stinks and the root of where we are now is due to a political movement to put a vast majority of those currently in power on the dais motivated by hate and a desire to run our former City Manager out of town. So I wonder… who was the Architect of this dark enterprise?

    Root out the source and perhaps wellness and goodness can be restored. Nothing good can grow from that which is the product of an evil inception.

  4. Russ Colombo says:

    You present a very interesting perspective with your letter regarding the regrettable Scott/Niblock incident. Perhaps you might be able to explain something that’s baffled me: If, as you state, the victim’s personal privacy was so vital a concern to her, why in the world does she voluntarily expose the entire narrative to City Councilors, whose communications are legally defined as PUBLIC INFORMATION? Is it not reasonable that, as an educated school principal, the alleged victim would be consciously aware of this?

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