Friday, January 28, 2022

Letter to the Editor: PLEASE STAND UP



This past Saturday night in the Christmas Island Style Holiday Parade, the newly formed Marco Island American Legion Post 404 Color Guard had the honor of carrying the flags of America.

Three veterans carried 3 flags, one of which was the American flag. As we marched down San Marco I thought, Where are all the patriotic Americans?

Why are all these people showing such disrespect towards the American flag?

A few people knew what to do and they did it. They proudly stood and either saluted the American flag or put their hand over their heart.

But the sad fact is that as we marched down the parade route most people just sat and did not get up to honor their flag.

If you can stand and cheer when Santa Claus goes by, certainly you should be able to honor our country by standing in respect for the Stars and Stripes and the veterans carrying them.


Lee Rubenstein
Commander American Legion Post 404 Marco Island, Fl.

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