Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Letter to the Editor: Peggy B. Dotson



I would like to voice my opinion of the recent Marco Island City Council decision to restrict short term rentals. Most families cannot afford or even get a month vacation or time off from work. When I first came to Florida to purchase a property, I fell in love with Marco Island because of its friendly family atmosphere. I bought a condo and then a house. I have been renting my home to friends and families from all over the world. Besides aiding my retirement funds, I have been able to share Marco Island and all of its beauty with many. I understand that the complaints about private rentals have been fewer than 10 this year. I don’t understand why such an extreme change in rental policy that would penalize so many families and businesses, to pacify a few, would even be considered.


Peggy B. Dotson

Property Owner

Marco Island, FL


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