Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Letter to the Editor: Micro CCRC on Marco

Dear Editor,

The Wilhelm Reich, psychoanalyst, quote, “The less he understands something, the more firmly he believes in it,” seems to be true concerning the Micro CCRC being proposed for our island. This is a facility for seniors with independent living apartments, assisted living, and memory care.

We are an island of retirees and how wonderful it would be to stay in the environment we know as we age. There is opposition to this plan and most of it seems to stem from mis-information that is then promoted on yard signs and by word of mouth. This is NOT just assisted living. This is NOT oversized for a Micro CCRC. This DOES provide a continuum of care and serves a “strong spouse-weak spouse” scenario.

As past Board Chair of a CCRC and a person who worked with national continuing care organizations, I know first hand of the value of a facility to the community at large. Not only does a facility like Watermark serve current and future residents, it serves the community by providing jobs, reducing emergency service calls, providing a safe environment for aging seniors, reducing spouse trips off-island.

Reich’s quote about understanding less and being more adamant about a decision seems to be running rampant lately. I support those who speak out and speak up on any topic. However, being informed and knowing the facts is paramount.

Mershon Niesner

Marco Island

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