Friday, December 3, 2021

Letter to the Editor: Michael & Barbara Kurko




To the Editor,


We wanted to express our appreciation to the four Marco City Council members who last week approved the short-term rental ordinance. This will do so much to preserve the quality of life and bring some order to the rush to profit from the commercialization of our neighborhoods.


The ordinance gives us hope that we and other permanent residents will be able to enjoy our homes relatively free of the disturbance and disruption caused by short-term rentals. It is a good balance between protecting the neighborhoods and, at the same time, being minimally burdensome to owners who wish to rent.      We would have been very disappointed if all the time and effort spent on this problem came to nothing.


We think the decision to include condos was the right one, and we appreciate that the four members held fast in spite of the raucous and rude crowd mobilized by the condo interests. For rental purposes, all properties should be treated in the same manner.

We suspect some of the their motivation may arise from the fact that the new ordinance will make it more difficult to avoid paying required taxes.


We thank councilors Sacher, Batte, Petricca and Honecker for looking out for the best interests of the community as a whole.


Michael & Barbara Kurko Marco Island

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