Thursday, December 2, 2021

Letter to the Editor: Martin and Sheila Bell



As owners and tax payers of 140 Seaview Court 1401N, we want to express our opposition to City or Marco Island Ordinance 15-01. It might be well intentioned, but it is an overreach of government and is unnecessary, costly, and unwieldy to manage.

As we understand it the problems this ordinance addresses were in single family homes. Condos are self-regulated and policed by HOA’s and hired Security and are not the problem. Existing city agencies are more than enough to police and enforce noise and trash issues.

This ordinance is a classic case of overkill: costly to tax payers, a unnecessary burden of paperwork and records, a duplication of what condo HOA’s already do, and big inconvenience to all home owners.

We urge the Council to repeal Ordinance 15-01 as soon as possible and get back to reality.

Martin and Sheila Bell


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