Monday, December 6, 2021

Letter to the Editor: Marco Island Property Owners Board of Directors



The Marco Island Property Owners (MIPO) rejects the Marco Island Chamber of Commerce’s petition drive to repeal the recently passed Rental Ordinance

The Chamber of Commerce, together with a group of self-interested realtors, has made the political decision to support a challenge against the City Council’s passage of the Rental Ordinance. The Chamber has acquired a mailing list of Marco Island voters and is actively soliciting voters to sign a petition demanding repeal of the ordinance. The Chamber claims this is to improve the quality of life on Marco Island. The Chamber’s definition of quality of life appears to be focused on economic gain.

In reality, there was overwhelming evidence presented to City Council that the quality of life on the Island was being disrupted by unruly rental practices and there is a need for an enforceable ordinance to protect that quality of life. Significantly, quality of life complaints included home rentals as well as condominium rentals. Councilman Honecker stated at the last Council meeting that 25% of complaints originated at condominiums.

Clearly, the Chamber’s motives in this political decision against a Rental Ordinance is profit driven at the expense of the quality of life of taxpayers and property owners of Marco. MIPO’S vision of quality of life encompasses the beauty of our island paradise and tranquility in and around its residences.   All property owners should question Chamber of Commerce administration and members as to the logic for choosing profits for themselves versus quality of life for Marco Island residents.


Marco Island Property Owners Board of Directors



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