Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Letter to the Editor: Marco Island Chamber of Commerce



Dear Chamber Members,

Our Planning Board approved and, by a 6-1 vote, sent the proposed Marriott expansion to the City Council for action.  The proposal has changed in two major respects:  the height of the new tower would be 111 feet, rather than 125 feet; and the number of parking spaces has been set at over 1200, with discretion given to the city manager to increase the number if necessary.

There are other stringent limitations on the Marriott, including setbacks, vegetation, drainage, hours of construction and severe penalties for violations.

Once again, Marriott General Manager, Rick Medwedeff, has asked for assistance from the business community in supporting the project.  We have responded previously, and are again passing along Rick’s request for help.  The project has been reviewed by the Board of Directors who believe it is an excellent addition to the community.

The Marco Island Chamber of Commerce’s mission is: “To promote a healthy business and tourism climate in order to protect the quality of life in the community.”  To that end, the Chamberacts, not only to further business interests, but many other community activities including educational and school programs, student scholarships, charitable causes and support of actions that serve the best interests of the community and its taxpayers.

To those ends the Chamber supports projects that:

  •  Improve the business climate
  •  Favorably impact the tax base
  •  Attract visitors to Marco’s unique ambiance, while serving the island’s residents
  •  Encourage more business activity in should and off-peak seasons
  •  Elevate business status in and outside the community
  •  Protect enterprises from unwarranted and unnecessary encumbrances
  •  Create jobs

Letters to the editors and or e-mails to City Council would be greatly appreciated.

Coastal Breeze News – Val Simon:  val@coastalbreezenews.com

Marco Eagle – Bill Green:  bgreen@marconews.com

Marco Sun Times –  Joe Taylor:  joe@misuntimes.com

City Council:  council@marcocitycouncil.com


Thank you for your understanding and help.


Sandi Riedemann, Executive Director,
Marco Island Area Chamber of Commerce

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