Monday, January 24, 2022

Letter to the Editor: Marco Ambulances – The Right Thing

The Marco Island Fire Rescue Department has served us for 53 years. All are highly-trained, with most personnel dual-certified as Fire Fighter/Paramedics, the fast-growing industry standard. They are ready and more than capable for the job. Fear and distraction has been drowning out the real issue – that when you call 911 for a medical emergency, you want the first unit on scene to be able to evaluate you, treat you with a full complement of medications, and transport you. Time is heart, time is brain, time is life.

The operational plan and budget created with the help of national industry experts Fitch and Associates, lays out the details for an integrated Marco Island Fire Rescue system that mirrors thousands of similar organizations across this state and country. The interlocal agreement already negotiated with CCEMS ensures both departments work together to respond to all citizens. And, with local control, the City can pass an ordinance that writes off your insurance copay for treatment and transportation.

Our Fire Department has a proven track record of being fiscally responsible and dedicated to your safety despite the political winds of change. They respond to us whether there is a City Manager or not. They respond to us whether there is discontent on the Council or not. They respond to us whether you believe Marco should have local fire and police or not. They respond with professionalism and skill, bringing familiar faces and local knowledge to the scene. Their door is open to us 24/7/365 – whether we have a question, an emergency, or need a simple blood pressure check. I stand with them.

John Coff

Marco Island


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