Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Letter to the Editor: Litha S. Berger



A better voice for Marco Island

I firmly believe that anyone who runs for office must be an involved, concerned and active member of the community. I back up my beliefs with action! I have served as President of Newcomers, Vice President of the American Association of University Women, President and Founder of the Caxambas Republican Club, member of the Big Flag Committee, past board member of MITA, active member of the annual Prayer Breakfast committee and am currently serving on the Parks & Recreation Committee. These experiences have provided the opportunities to hear what is important to Marco Island residents.

I have been on the Island since 1992 and have been a full time Island resident since 2009. Soon after, I became a board member of the Marco Island Tax Payers Association (MITA), joining at the urging of its founder, Fay Biles. If ever there was a Marco Island “expert,” it is she. Her wealth of Island information is incredible and invaluable, and lucky for me, she has taught me well!

I have analyzed how I would interact and work with the current members of the council. I feel strongly that we can work together to achieve results. There are significant challenges ahead. While it is imperative that council members make decisions based upon the City’s finances and resources, fairness and equality must be applied while focusing on the safety and wellbeing of residents and visitors. All of these issues are solvable, and I look forward to being part of the council that brings about positive changes for the City and its residents.

I hear you and respectfully ask for your vote so that I may be your voice!


Litha S. Berger
Candidate for Marco Island City Council

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