Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Letter to the Editor: Linda J. Turner



The Marco Island Property Owners, (MIPO), Board of Directors thanks Council Chairman Larry Sacher and Councilors Batte, Honecker and Petricca for voting in favor of the Rental Ordinance. MIPO thanks all councilors for devoting many hours of service.

Most Marco Island property owners worked many years to save their hard earned dollars so that they could afford to live on this beautiful island expecting a reasonable quality of life.   In time, many of these property owners witnessed their neighborhood transform from a friendly residential community to a rental/hotel business next door with new customers arriving every week. The Rental Ordinance will put the responsibility on the owner to ensure against excessive numbers of people (who often are insulting, and at times confrontational when asked to keep the noise level down), noise at all hours, overflowing trash, and numerous illegally parked vehicles.

Registration of vacation rentals with the City will provide owner contact information to our police department so that they can effectively and efficiently enforce Marco Island Ordinances.

Registration will encourage vacation rental property owners to pay the required 6% state tax and 4% county tax (part of which pays for our beach re-nourishment).

Because condominiums are self-governed, MIPO supports the condo opt-out clause as well as a blanket registration for each condominium association.

The need for a rental ordinance was realized in 2005. It took a while, but after many hours invested by the Planning Advisory Board and you Councilors, you got the job done. Thank you!


Linda J. Turner


Marco Island Property Owners






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