Monday, November 29, 2021

Letter to the Editor: Letter to Fire Chief Mike Murphy



Dear Chief Murphy,

Thank you for your thoughtful letter. I am a writer for the Coastal Breeze News and have written 6 articles on the plight of Goodland Road since last November. I went down to the road during the height of each of the five daytime floodings and took photos. None of these floodings was the result of a hurricane. Only one was related to a tropical storm which passed way off shore and was entering the panhandle bend, far to the north when the flooding occurred. Until Sunday June, 5th, I had never witnessed your EMS vehicles trying to answer a call in these conditions. I am sending you a link to the article I wrote on it. ( The flooding was not all that bad on June 5th but it was enough to slow the traffic to a crawl- in both directions. On that winding, undulating road, stuck in traffic, your vehicles were unable to move any faster than the 3 to 5 mph everyone else was going. There is no wiggle room on that road in spots.

We have never worried about your superb EMS crews responding immediately to our calls. Your men saved my wife’s life 6 years ago.

What worries us now is what will happen when they can’t make a dash up Goodland Road because of flooding. Or worse, if the road is blocked because of an accident or disabled vehicles, caused by the flooded road. Sea level will continue to rise. The solution to the problem can only come through elevation of the road.

We will not resume Goodland Civic Association meetings until October. The board will consider your kind invitation to come down with your men to one of our town meetings. If nothing else results from it, it will at least give us a chance to extend our heartfelt thanks and appreciation for taking such good care of us through the years. As Secretary of the GCA, I hear quite a few complaints about how we do things here and how we are treated by Marco City. Your name has never come up.

Thank you.

Barry Gwinn, Secretary

Goodland Civic Association

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