Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Letter to the Editor: Letter from City Council Candidate Grifoni



When I announced my campaign 5 months ago, I set out to be a positive voice, focusing on the issues that matter to our citizens. I pledged to fight for every vote, and not ignore anyone in the process. I said I was going to run the most active and involved campaign for City Council because the people of Marco Island deserve a campaign and a candidate who will work for their vote. I believe that I have accomplished these goals to date and I will continue to do so through November 8and over the next four years with your support and vote.

I will be an independent voice for our citizens and I will work with Council to change some of the decisions made by prior Council to limit public participation in the process, including fixing our Rules of Procedure. I will work to significantly improve the positive and productive communication not only between Councilors on the dais but between the Council and the City staff and the Council and our County Commission and state legislative delegation. These are all areas where I feel that our current Council has not had the most success. If this can change, which I believe it will, we will find a solution to Goodland Rd, the COPCN, and millage rate that our entire island can benefit from.

I will lead the way to work together to identify the common ground on a variety of other issues like property rights/rentals, road/sidewalk repairs, and parks. In my personal experience, both in the private sector and in the grassroots, I have worked with many different people with different beliefs and priorities. I have always prided myself on the ability to identify positive and productive solutions that result in agreement that’s beneficial to all.

The divisiveness and rancor that exists does not serve Marco Island well. Together we can change that and bring out the best in Marco Island. I ask for your support and your vote during Early Voting (Oct 24-Nov 5) or on Election Day, November 8!

Jared Grifoni

Candidate for Marco Island City Council



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