Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Letter to the Editor: Larry Sacher



Recently, both Councilors Joe Batte and Bob Brown announced their intention to seek a second term on the Marco Island City Council. Marco Island NEEDS Joe Batte and Bob Brown! Having had the pleasure of serving on Marco Island City Council for a year and a half now with Joe Batte as well as the time Bob Brown has been on since replacing a former Councilor, I not only heartily endorse their  decision  to run for a 2nd term, but I also want to urge the Marco Island community to get behind Joe and Bob and support their candidacy.  My reasons for supporting these gentlemen are many, but just to name a few: (1) following a most contentious election in November of 2012 during which the 3 incumbents running for reelection were all defeated by 4 newcomers, Joe served as Chairman of City Council; Joe’s tenure was probably most notable for the welcoming attitude he created for the public which is still witnessed today based on the routine sizable crowds that attend both Council, as well as other Board and Committee meetings; (2) Both have consistently voted based on what they felt was best for ALL of Marco Island, not just either their own interests, and certainly not for the alleged “special interests” that we have on the Island; (3) Both men’s commitment to serving Marco Island is probably best summed-up by their frequent attendance at virtually all Committee and Board meetings when they are quite frequently among a very few of their colleagues. I know that their work isn’t done yet and both are willing to continue to contribute for the betterment of Marco Island.

Joe Batte’s  and Bob Brown’s outstanding efforts as efficient “get-it-done” Members of Marco City Council will assure four more years of outstanding and transparent leadership for the citizens of our Island paradise.  VOTE FOR JOE BATTE AND BOB BROWN!

Larry Sacher
Vice Chairman
Marco Island City Council

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