Sunday, October 17, 2021

Letter to the Editor: Larry Magel

Several citizens commented last night about my authoring a memo criticizing some candidates for City Council while endorsing others.

They asked that the memo be distributed to all citizens of Marco Island and I indicated I would do so by sending it to the press.

Some history is in order to understand the rationale I used to make my recommendations.

Appended below is the organizing memo of the “Marco Island Homeowners” It clearly states that the purpose of the organization is to represent one group of citizens vs other groups. It’s this “us vs them” attitude that first manifested itself in the STRP (Septic Tank Replacement Program) that continues today. It is extremely divisive to our community, but if one group is going to make this a “us vs. them” issue, I believe the other groups being part of “them” should know of their intent and motivation prior to making their voting decisions.

On the water/sewer issue addressed in the second part of my memo, the City spent over $100,000 to hire an independent consultant to make sure our water/sewer rates were equitable to all classes of users. The report, it’s methodology, and it’s conclusions were attacked immediately when it became apparent that the results would not support the recommendations of the Utility Advisory Board.

We’ve gone through 18 months of additional divisiveness because one group does not want to believe what an unbiased consultant has recommended.

For the good of Marco Island, this “us vs. them” has to stop. I believe it stops when any one group does not make every issue “us vs. them”.

Attached below is the memo I authored for your use.


One last point. Every citizen, even a sitting member of the City Council has the right to express their beliefs. Once the citizens have all the facts, they will make their decision. That’s what America is all about.

If you are going to reproduce my memo, please add the Property Owners memo above so the readers can get the whole picture.

As always, I’m available for comment or clarification. My cell is 239-213-8873.

Larry Magel


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