Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Letter to the Editor: Kevin Dohm




First and foremost allow me to congratulate and thank the Marco Island City Council for finally locating and hiring a city manager with the requisite knowledge and experience to effectively help our temporary elected officials govern wisely.

Mr. Hernstadt’s impressive credentials and professionalism will hopefully bring stability and consistency to our island and its political process.

The days when city council members could shy away from making the difficult decisions or blame their actions on a lack of knowledgeable information have come to an abrupt halt. I can see why a couple of the current council members (Rios and Petricca) are uncomfortable with this new reality.

I was impressed with Mr. Hernstadt’s proposed tax increase to make Marco Island debt-free in five years. A simple yet eloquent, long overdue solution.

Every organization has a chain of command. Without it chaos ensues. To criticize a city manager for requiring city department heads to report and become accountable is shameful.

Since our city chose not to have a mayor or city president the only way for information to be accurately conveyed is though a chain of command from the department heads to the city manager to the council members.

The job of city manager is one most of us would never undertake. To place your future in the hands of essentially temporary workers (elected officials) is not in my comfort zone. I personally do not want our city manager to be the winner of a popularity contest. His tenure should be based on his abilities and fortitude to take on the difficult problems of governing.

Mr. Herstadt has demonstrated this ability by immediately correcting serious problems that plagued the police department, confusion in the arena of code enforcement and future planning for our island.

I find it extremely troubling that councilmen Rios and Petricca feel the need to satiate their egos by attacking Mr. Hernstadt’s actions yet ignoring his achievements.

Our island needs stability, consistency, experience and professionalism to successfully and fiscally guide us in the years ahead. Mr. Hernstadt is just the person for the job. I hope to see him in his position as long as he needs to correct the missteps of past leaders and establish an atmosphere conducive to encouraging cooperation and doing what’s in the best interest for the entire island.


Kevin Dohm

15 Year Island Resident



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