Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Letter to the Editor: Kathy Campbell



10% of voters are required to sign a petition in the month of June, is this fair? I implore everyone eligible to vote, please turn in your signed copy of the petition by May 18th. Real estate offices and the Marco Board of Realtors are collecting them, as you cannot mail one copy with standard postage. More laws will not lead to peace, but injustice to our property owners. Empower law enforcement and ticket offenders.

Do you believe it is fair that property owners will be regulated like hotels if they rent by the month or week? No it is not! Renters can abide by residential laws and problems managed on a case by case basis by Marco’s more than ample and capable police department.

This ordinance will punish all property owners who rent short term, for the lack of management of a few problem renters (historically speaking). Under no uncertain terms this is extortion and harassment of property owners by our City government.

Serving a term or more on City Council must be challenging when it comes to appeasing all residents. However, we cannot simply enact new law every time one “group” complains about another “group” in this community. Our city manager, who has received a raise after his first year here in Marco Island, needs to see these laws being enforced under his leadership. Mr. Hernstadt, with all due respect may well serve the situation by taking more time managing the current law enforcement before enacting an ordinance that he originally wrote for the city of Marathon. Marathon City Council at the time rejected a majority of the content of this ordinance, and yet Marco Island will take it all and more?

Please vote to repeal the rental ordinance and go back to protecting all residents as they should be protected using the current laws and enforcing them.


Kathy Campbell


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