Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Letter to the Editor: Karen Young



Bicycle Madness

I had just left Winn Dixie and turned left on Collier. I then turned right on Tigertail and then left on Hernando. Out of nowhere there was a man, shirtless with shorts, riding a bicycle directly in front of me. It was so frightening to me. Both of us were so lucky that I did not hit him with my car. If I had hit this man he would have ruined my life. And I probably would have killed him. These people who rent bikes and think that they do not have to respect the law will destroy their lives and the person who hit them will have to live with guilt the rest of their life. Tourists on Marco please find places without traffic to ride your rental bikes. Most of you think we are looking out for you; but the residents are not. Do NOT destroy our life and yours. Use the sidewalks and the bike paths and stop and observe stop signs and traffic lights. On Marco Island you are at risk because these old folks DO NOT SEE YOU.

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