Monday, December 6, 2021

Letter to the Editor: K. M. Salvi




Residents of Marco should be aware that rental abuse in single-family neighborhoods is alive and well. On July 9th, 3 to 4 families rented a single-family home at 840 Newel Terrace. The noise was unbelievable and it was obvious there was no concern for neighbors. After listening to yelling and loud music for a day and a half, we contacted police on Sunday July 10th. After police responded, renters from this home parked in front of our home as an act of intimidation. We re-contacted the police immediately of this act. On July 11th, we contacted Escape Away who rented the house. The representative, David, said he was aware of complaints and would re-contact the renters. Nothing changed for the entire week they were there. We contacted Code Enforcement (Sharon) who stated if police were called it is on record. Nothing changed. We believe residents are being ignored and endangered. Rental companies and those who rent out their homes are ruining our neighborhoods while making money at the expense of neighbors.

It is my understanding that several candidates running for City Council are against rental ordinances including Honig, Rios, Reed and Grifoni. Perhaps they don’t live close to a short-term rental.

K. M. Salvi

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