Saturday, January 29, 2022

Letter to the Editor: Julie Salisbury



Marco Island City Council,

Back in February you voted to exclude Condominium owners from the proposed rental ordinance. Subsequently a councilman asked for “reconsideration” and unfortunately this legislative maneuver passed. Does this mean when someone doesn’t get their way on the council, it is brought up over and over again??

In the second reading version one of the proposed changes is that Condos will have to hold a vote to get the majority of owners to agree to be excluded, plus all people who rent will have to be registered. This will increase work for Boards and Management and does not make any sense since everyone, including owners, are required to register with the office when arriving under the Florida Condominium guidelines.

The proposed rental ordinance by the City of MI  is  a very cumbersome process that will cost  more money to Condominium Associations  and hence owners. Why would they want to agree to an ordinance that will cost more money for what they already have in place??

Originally this Ordinance was going to address Transient rentals, which, as defined by Florida Statutes are rentals less than 30 days. As a matter of fact most of the complaints are weekly rentals in single family homes.

Condominium rentals are not and have never been an issue since all Condominium Associations have Documents, by-laws and strict rules that take care of problem renters. As a matter of fact these rules give them more leeway than the proposed Ordinance will have on the issue of problem rental. In essence the Condominium Association and Management take care of these issues very effectively.

Annual fire inspections are already performed  in Condominium, under other Ordinances.  This appears to be a duplication of requirements, and higher fees, for any and all Condominiums on the Island.

Based on the few points above all Condominiums in Marco Island should either be “excluded” from this ordinance or at least, given the option to “Opt Out” with not cost or any other bureaucratic process. In addition reduce the scope of the ordinance to the original problem to be addressed, which were and are the Transient rentals of less than 30 days.

Thank you for your consideration and good judgement in this matter.


Julie Salisbury

25 N Collier Blvd
Marco Island, Florida 34145
239 970 6111

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