Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Letter to the Editor: Jo-B Bromley



Sixteen years ago, I moved to Goodland. From the minute I turned the key to enter my new year-round home, I knew that I landed in a very special place in the world.

Dec. 6th confirmed my feelings. A week ago, my sweet friend, Margi Fortune, was diagnosed with colon cancer. Three days later, through a few e-mails and Facebook messages, a ball started to roll. With only four days to take the field, our team was ready.

Margood Harbor Park was the setting of a very successful fundraiser for Margi. I’d like to thank all the major players, you know who you are. Thanks to our Civic Association and Art Alliance for the beautiful shirts and bags you sold, of which all the proceeds went to the benefit. To those who donated baked goods, your sweetness surpassed your yummy treats. Local restaurants also stepped up to the plate to be sure that our plates were full of awesome food. Jim and Merrill Allen filled the air and our hearts with music.

Goodland is renowned for its talented artists and artisans. This was truly in evidence with tables full of silent auction wares. From fine art, photography, jewelry and crafts to poinsettia plants, mini-flocked trees and a gigantic live tree. Thanks to those who donated their works of love and those who were top bidders.

As our time was short in getting notification out for this fundraiser, there may be people who would like to contribute. A trust fund has be established to help defray medical expenses. You can send your contribution written to Margi Fortune to: Jo Bromley, P.O. Box 118 Goodland, FL 34140.

It’s been said that “it takes a village.” I am so proud to claim the village of Goodland as my home.

Jo-B Bromley

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