Saturday, January 22, 2022

LTE: Jim Richards for City Council

I am excited and proud to officially announce my candidacy for Marco Island City Council. I look forward to representing all residents of Marco Island. I will run a positive campaign, one in which I will display integrity and honesty in all my interactions and treat all that I encounter with the utmost dignity. It is time for a fresh look and a fresh approach to current and future issues!

My wife, Allyson and I have 6 children (19 to 45) and 3 live here on Marco Island.  Our daughter attended the Marco Island Charter Middle School. Additionally, we have brought 10 other family members on the island!  Together, our family has served and continues to serve on numerous boards and volunteers with many organizations in an effort to continue to make Marco Island a paradise for all.

I am a successful businessman with over 30 years in the Healthcare financial sector as a senior executive. I plan to use this business acumen to address and resolve major concerns brought forward by the citizens. Some concerns:

  • The need to hire a qualified and thoroughly vetted City Manager.
  • We need to ensure our number one resource, the environment (waterways, beach, and our wildlife) is protected because after all, this is what makes Marco paradise.
  • Growth management in form of parking, planning and zoning are a priority as more and more people choose to live and visit here.
  • Residents’ vision for Veterans Community Park to be completed.

It will be a great privilege to serve my community on City Council. I will do so by listening openly to the concerns of all our community members with the goal of building a better Marco Island, one that thrives economically and maintains that “small town” feel.

Marco Island is a great city both for the young and for the retirees! I know we can work together to make it an even better place to live, work and play!

Jim Richards

Marco Island

3 responses to “LTE: Jim Richards for City Council”

  1. Karen DuMontier says:

    Finally a voice of reason and integrity for the City Council! Jim Richards is intelligent, fair and highly capable of bringing our community to a higher standard. We should jump on the opportunity to have this level of leadership in our community.

  2. Keith Dameron says:

    The candidacy of Jim Richards and Jerry Swiacki for Marco Island City Council proves me wrong! I had come to believe that the lack of leadership and competency by the majority of City Councilors over the 18 years since Barbara and I moved to Marco Island full time would discourage truly competent residents from seeking an elected position on our council. In my opinion, there has been a handful of dedicated, professional and passionate City Councilors who worked hard to seize many opportunities to continue and improve the quality of life in our city only to be stymied by so many self serving, publicity seeking, narcissistic, unprofessional City Councilors who morphed right in front of our eyes into something different than the policies and advancement agendas that got them elected. As a citizen of Marco Island, I am not looking to be enamored by the individuals making up our City Council, rather I am looking for solid, meaningful and positive actions/results benefiting our wonderful city. Marco Island has prospered despite this lack of overall leadership. Think how much better Marco Island could have been with inspirational leadership!

    In my business career, when an office, region or district deteriorated to the point of non-productivity such as is the current state of the Marco Island City Council, I would step in, shut it down then begin with a totally new organization. Alas, that is not likely to happen here so we must encourage quality residents such as Jerry and Jim to put their personal lives aside for the betterment of their city. I hear there are more candidates yet to announce so let’s hope they are as qualified, dedicated and driven to make the sacrifice necessary to “righten” the ship.
    Keith Dameron
    Marco Island, FL.

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