Saturday, January 22, 2022

Letter to the Editor: Jim Ciolino



Referring to the article, “Parking problem,” dated 3/11/14 Marco Eagle page 6A, there are two reasons that Marco Island has a parking problem. One is over population; Deltona Development Corporation designed this island for only twenty thousand people, not fifty thousand that we have during the seasonal months. Marco does not have a parking problem during the other nine months of the year. The planning board should have recognized this problem thirty years ago. The high rises on the beach where not part of Deltona’s plan for Marco Island. The other reason is that MICA with the help of Collier County officials blocked the five beach parking lots that Deltona wanted to install along Collier Boulevard and Seaview Court back in 1976, that is part of county ordinance 76-20 that is still active. The county and City of Marco can install them, any time they want so why don’t they? Good question.

Jim Ciolino
26 year resident

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