Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Letter to the Editor: Jared Grifoni



Marco Island is a wonderful place to be whether you are raising a family, retiring, making this your permanent home, or stopping by for a short or long-term visit. This island is unique, beautiful, and brings our residents and visitors so much shared joy. We have all found a piece of paradise here in southwest Florida.

We are a successful year-round residential community that supports a wide variety of locally owned and operated small businesses outside of our thriving tourist season. We truly have a lot to be thankful for. So much of our local success is due to the environmental uniqueness of Marco Island, including the crown jewel: our beautiful beaches. The beaches are a tremendous part of the economic engine that keeps Marco Island’s local restaurants, businesses, hotels, and property values strong by attracting new and returning visitors, investors, and residents who decide to make this island their permanent home.

I have made it a priority to attend with my family many of our local beach cleanups. These events, led by our Beach Advisory Committee, are a wonderful opportunity to volunteer, educate ourselves and our children about the importance of a healthy and clean beach, and protect local wildlife.

We all remember that first moment when we crossed over the Jolley Bridge and stood in awe at the sunset from our beaches. That is an experience that we want to ensure is always available for future visitors, current residents, and Marco Island’s next generation.

We love our beach!

Jared Grifoni

Candidate for Marco Island City Council

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