Monday, January 17, 2022

Letter to the Editor: Howard Reed Announces Candidacy for City Council



I am Howard Reed and today I announce my candidacy for the Marco Island City Council. My wife and I have been Marco Island residents since 2005. I have been a frequent speaker at City Council meetings. Last year I had the privilege of sharing a leadership role in the citizens’ petition to repeal the destructive and divisive rental ordinance. Many of Marco’s citizens have encouraged me to run for the City Council because they agree with the values that I will champion if elected. These values include:

– Protection and improvement of property rights and values

– Preservation of public parks for citizens and not government officials

– Upholding responsible and transparent fiscal management

– Encouraging common sense code enforcement

– Requiring responsible oversight of public works

– Improving efficiency to reduce water and sewer rates

– Listening to and responding to the voice of Marco Island citizens

I look forward to meeting with Marco’s residents and visitors and working together to Restore Paradise to our Island home.

Howard Reed

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