Sunday, October 24, 2021

Letter to the Editor: Hooray For The Kids!

Hooray For The Kids!

They say they are “just children!”

I say they are young souls whose
hearts are broken.

They’ve seen it, heard it, and ran from it.

The attempt to kill them, their friends
and teachers.

Teachers who tried to hide them
and direct them to safety.

A hired guard in terror, froze and couldn’t help.

“No More” say the heroic young people.

“No More” say their parents and grandparents (who can vote).

But- what does Congress say?

The NRA says, “Give the teachers guns.”

“(We will make money
from the sales of those guns).”

How dare the Congress neglect their
responsibility and try to pass it on to teachers!

After 40 years in schools, I know every school should be a Gun Free Zone.

Wherever there are guns,
there can be accidents;

There can be shootings;

There can be dead bodies on the ground.

~ By Anna Mae Ferrier

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