Monday, January 17, 2022

Letter to the Editor: Herb Jermanok

Recently there has been many articles about who Marco Island Property Owners are and who we represent; We would like to clarify our position. Yes, we were created as an organization that represents Marco Homeowners. We wanted to be an advocate for them. We began to realize that there were many more issues than Water and Sewage. We then changed our name and our charter. We became an advocate for ALL property owners on Marco Island. MIPO represents all single family home owners, Condominiums, lot owners and business owners.

Our Current Prioritized List of Issues

May 2012

* Our Vision for Marco Island

* Right Of Way Ordinance Status

* Proposed Mackle Park Enhancements

* Public – Private Partnerships (P3)

* Budget 2012 – 2013

* City Debt

* Resurrection of the CRA

* Referendums for Significant Financial Expenditures

* Density Credits and Density Transfers



Our Current Prioritized List of Issues


* Seawall ordinance sunsets in 6 months – Big cost increases for Condo & SFH Canal from property owners (NEW ISSUE)

* Our Vision for Marco Island – This has NOT been brought to closure with our membership. Small town retirement community or resort destination?
* Right Of Way Ordinance Status – “Back Burner” for the time being

* Proposed Mackle Park Enhancements – Not in the 2012 Budget but still moving forward without a referendum.

* Public – Private Partnerships (P3) – “Back Burner” for the time being, but the fire rescue boat looks an awful lot like a “P3”.

* Budget 2012 – 2013 – Council claims they held the line. Taxes are the same but Property values are still dropping

* City Debt – Still there and growing ! ($450,000 for the lease purchase of a 30 foot fire rescue boat!)

* Resurrection of the CRA – All quiet on this issue (for now).

* Referendums for Significant Financial Expenditures – 5 of the 9 candidates said they would support referendum(s)

* Density Credits and Density Transfers – This ordinance is on the books now. A new council needs to rescind it.

We wish to encourage all residents of this island to join us so your voice is heard; so that Councilors and city management cannot create policies that are not in the interest of ALL citizens. MIPO exists to heighten the bar that must be met to passing ordinances and spending.

Please join with us, you will receive an E mailed newsletter which not only advises you of the issues but also advocates your wishes.

Herb Jermanok
1520 Caxambas Court
Marco Island, FL


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